Effective Rainwater Utilization at KSE

Within the scope of the activities connected with investments in buildings, our company pursues the implementation of systems providing technology for rainwater utilization as well. In this way, the company supports the environment and environmental protection principles. These requirements stem not only from Czech legislation, but derive from the general obligations of NK within the framework of CSR activities as well. 

This active approach not only brings positive feedback from Czech administrative bodies for construction management and regular checks, but it also brings financial savings resulting from the decreased volume of water consumed since there are no sources of process water available in the production plants; previously, only treated drinking water had been used. As of the end of March 2018, we have implemented the rainwater utilization project in Jasenice at building 17 by placing a 55m³ tank under the parking areas. The water is used for toilet facilities at this building. Another successful project is building 106, located in Jablůnka, which is being approved for permanent use. The basement area of the building was used for placing a pair of tanks, each having a 35m³ capacity. Likewise, this water is used for toilets at building 106.

The next goal is the construction of building 163 in Jablůnka, where as many as three 66 m³ tanks are to be installed. With the investment budget of the whole project in mind, the project implementation details will be laid out at a future date.