Human Resources Department Contact information 

Ivana DRLÍKOVÁ, phone:+420 734 646 103 or +420 571 404 240
Irena ŠŤASTNÁ, phone: +420 739 074 399 or +420 571 425 423
Monika GALDOVÁ, phone: +420 730 163 089


Who WE Are LOOKING FOR, What WE Offer

  • We are a company that respects its employees and helps them develop their careers. 
  • We offer a working position in a stable company with worldwide operations and cooperation with overseas experts and organizations. 
  • We are looking for efficient and educated employees with a genuine interest in work and a willingness to work on their own initiative.
    The current offer of vacancies here

Posts most frequently available are in the field of engineering and could include opportunities for mechanical engineers, electricians and electro-engineers. Technicians with backgrounds in chemistry or explosive specializations are frequently sought after as well.
University degrees and competence in the English language are required for filling posts such as quality engineers, specialists, and production and technical leaders.

KSE provides its employees with special training courses based on the individual’s plans to enhance their professional skills, e.g. special pyro-training courses for those working in pyrotechnic production. Other types of training include internships abroad, which are offered to specialists and should help develop familiarity with modern working processes, different ways of working, communication and leading people in with different cultural backgrounds and with developing working relations on a global level.