External cooperation

Employment of the Disabled

Employment of people with disabilities is an integral part of KSE employment policy.
KSE employs staff members with physical disabilities both in offices and in workshops. They occupy positions suited to their physical limitations and which pose minimal risks in terms of health and safety.


Cooperation with secondary schools and universities

  • The Secondary Vocational and Technical School in Vsetin (SPŠS)
  • Integrated Secondary School - Centre of Practical Training and The Language School with The Rights of State Language Exams in Valasske Mezirici (ISŠ - COP)
  • VSB - Technical University of Ostrava


Practical Experience – Secondary school students often ask for hands-on practical work experience with our company. Due to risk factors in operations and capacity issues, the number of student opportunities is limited. Details must be discussed with Human Resources Dept.


Excursions – Representatives of secondary schools and universities turn to the company with requests for excursions to see selected operations in action. Due to the particular nature of KSE’s production, excursions are rarely permitted and terms must be agreed upon in advance by KSE management to ensure qualified supervision. Applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Dept. 


Graduate Thesis – We offer students cooperation with their theses. Some personnel-oriented topics from the past have been:

  • Development of employee qualification (Slezska University in Opava)
  • Operator motivation (Masaryk University in Brno)
  • Personnel policy and education and training systems in KSE (VSB-TU University in Ostrava, Faculty of Economics)
  • Analysis of communication systems in KSE (Slezska University in Opava)
  • Social programs in KSE (University of Olomouc)
  • Communication at KSE (T.Bata University in Zlin)
  • Project in employee benefit system changes (T. Bata University in Zlin)
  • Project in allocation of costs for employee benefits (T. Bata University in Zlin)
  • Proposal for a motivational guidebook for company managers (VUT Brno)
  • Analysis of the external labor market as means for personnel management (Masaryk University in Brno)
  • Evaluation of employee benefits in a production company (VŠB- TU University in Ostrava, Faculty of Economics)