Benefits to our employees

Our company offers the following employee benefits:

  • Meals at the company cafeteria, food voucher for employees working afternoon and night shifts, 55% contribution by the employer
  • Contributions to commuting to and from work.
  • Possibility of financial bonuses based on financial results.
  • Cafeteria Benefit Cafe employee benefit system.
  • Supplementary insurance in case of work-related injuries or lasting injury effects (24/7).
  • Opportunity to be accommodated in company apartments for those living long distances from the workplace.
  • Convenient T-mobile rates for employees and their family members.
  • Contribution to language courses.
  • One week of holiday over and above required holidays as stipulated in the Labor Code.
  • Health Day.
  • Small gifts of appreciation for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  • Extracurricular company events (Christmas party, trips and events of each Dept.).