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Equipment for Vyhlidka Home

The majority of people imagine elderly people sitting in chairs, their hands clasped in their laps, and cold corridors evoking a sterile hospital environment when they hear the phrase “Retirement home”. Diakonie Vsetin has opened a facility in which people will feel at home with a friendly atmosphere, a professional but caring nursing staff, Mates the tomcat, and sheep grazing in the surrounding garden.

Vyhlídka home is the third retirement home built and operated by Diakonie Vsetin. What is more, there is a backdrop for transferring know-how to other social organizations.

Donate to equip the new home: Domov Vyhlídka

What items will be purchased thanks to your donation?

  • Wardrobe CZK 10,000.00 ea. - we need 18 units

  • Night table CZK 3,965.00 ea  - we need 18 units

  • Bed linen CZK 600.00/set       - we need 10 sets

  • And other items