As part of the library’s Japan Day, everyone one had an opportunity to try Japanese calligraphy and to make sushi.

Kayaku, in cooperation with the Masaryk Public Library in Vsetin, conducted a public workshop on Japanese calligraphy on 19 November 2019. During the workshop, 40 participants had the opportunity to sketch simple characters using authentic calligraphy brushes on rice paper under the guidance of the experienced mentor, Kaoru Ishida. After a bit of uncertainty in the beginning, all participants left with smiles on their faces and their works in hand, which illustrated Japanese lexical expressions such as “power”, “sky”, “cow”, “tree”, “moon”, “blossom”, etc. 

We express our gratitude to the team at the Masaryk Public Library in Vsetin for organizing the event from beginning to end. 

On the same day there was a second workshop devoted to making sushi, aptly called “How to Make Sushi”. Aside from learning how to make sushi, participants could sample their wares. We know that the women from Vsetin Tearoom, who willingly answered all questions about preparing and serving this traditional Japanese dish, can confirm that all participants were doing well. 

 A big thank you to the Masaryk Public Library for organizing the event!  

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