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Our company’s operations remain uninterrupted. In order to prevent the spread of this infection, the special rules and preventive measures must be followed!    

Due to the current situation related to COVID-19, we would like to inform our employees that our company’s operations remain uninterrupted. In order to prevent the spread of this disease, we have implemented the following measures:

 1) If you have any symptoms of coronavirus infection or if you feel unwell, it is essential that you stay at home and inform your doctor or health care centre immediately!

2) Disinfectants are constantly being distributed to all locations.

3) Buildings and the premises are being cleaned more often.

4) Travelling between locations is limited to necessary travel only.

5) At locations, where lunch is served (Jasenice, Jablůnka), the lunchtime has been extended in order to avoid large crowds of employees at the same time.

6) Entry restrictions for Kayaku premises:

Jasenice (Location 1) - External suppliers must not enter the company premises, i.e. they will not get through the main gatehouse. Exceptions will only be made for machine and equipment maintenance services. Workers performing such services will only be admitted to the premises if they are wearing a mask or respirator.

Jablůnka (Location 2, Location 3) - Company employees arriving by any vehicle, including the driver, must stay inside the vehicle and hold their identification cards to the glass as the guard service identifies them. Leaving the vehicle or rolling the windows down is permitted only at the request of a security guard.

Bobrky (Location 4, Bobrky office) - All external suppliers, business partners, etc. must wear a mask and all times.

7) We are also struggling with a lack of masks in our company but as of today, 20 March 2020, we have commenced supplying to our employees. The company management also allows the use of 100% cotton homemade masks, which must be regularly changed and sterilized.(We would like to thank everyone who is involved in the sewing of cotton masks!)


Current number of employees at KSE likely infected = 0.

However, the best prevention is to act responsibly, follow the recommended hygiene rules and preventive measures!


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