The Association of Volunteer Firefighters was established in Ratibor 130 years ago. This noteworthy anniversary was celebrated by Ratibor residents on 3 August, 2019 and was heralded…

Volunteer firefighters from Ratibor celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Association’s founding. Celebrations commenced with a parade through Ratibor and lasted throughout the day. People from the public were able to observe an interesting exposition of old photographs and the firefighting equipment inside the fire station. There was worship service in the local church and a formal firefighters’ meeting. The evening concluded with dancing. 

The younger firefighters from Ratibor celebrated their success at the competitions in firefighting sports and the active unit of the Association regularly responds to rescue situations and fire emergencies. 

Ratibor continues to boom and received the well-earned title “Vesnice roku 2019 Zlínského kraje” (Zlin Region’s Village of the Year 2019). 


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