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KAYAKU employees help to the others

Financial collections at Kayaku 

Not only the company supports local organizations with sponsorship donations, but our employees also express their solidarity by making voluntary contributions to the collections we organize at Kayaku. 

Collection for the Zlín Zoo

At the time of the pandemic, the Zlín Zoo announced a public fund to cover the loss incurred as a result of the closure of its premises to the public. The financial amount from the entrance fee forms a substantial part of the income necessary for the zoo's operation. An amount of CZK 3,860 was collected from Kayaku employees and sent to the collection bank account of the Zlín Zoo. Employees also took advantage of other support options, such as the purchase of one-time or seasonal tickets or the virtual purchase of an animal for the weekend.

Collection for seniors from the Home for the Elderly Jasenka - Vsetín 

At the beginning of the summer, experiential programs, such as performance of a folklore ensemble Jasenka or trips helped improve seniors isolated in the home during a pandemic. Our employees contributed to these activities for CZK 4,155, while the company doubled the amount to CZK 8,500.

Words of thanks: https://sluzbyvsetin.cz/dekujeme-darci-sponzorstvi/

Collection of plastic tops for Jirka 

In May, we handed over 9 kg of plastic tops to the director of Nový Hrozenkov elementary school, which we collected in our company. 

With a total of 1,064 kg of tops, the school took part in the Feed the Plastic Eater competition, in which it placed third. The proceeds for the purchase of the tops (CZK 6,000) together with the bonus for 3rd place (CZK 1,000) were handed over to Jirka Orság, a 7th-grade pupil at this school who suffers from muscular dystrophy (a congenital disease associated with muscle weakness). 

In this year's competition, a total of 9219 kg of PET caps were collected. These are recycled in the JELÍNEK-TRADING plant in Vrbno and are used for the production of garden composters.

The tops were taken over from us by the director of the Nový Hrozenkov elementary school, Mgr. Igor Haša.

We really appreciate the help of all interested employees and thank them for helping with us !!!  

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