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Photo contest - call for Submissions

KSE employees may submit photos for the cover of the corporate magazine by 20 January 2020.

    As every year, our Japanese parent company has announced a photo contest in order to select a photo to be featured on the front page of the coporate CSR report. The CSR report will be issued among employees at the parent company in Japan and Kayaku Safety Systems Europe (KSE) in the Czech Republic, as well as among all KSE’s sister companies (in China, Malaysia, and Mexico).

     All participating employees meeting the following conditions will receive a voucher worth CZK 200.00. 

    Competition Conditions:

    • The photograph should include:

    • name and surname of the employee,
    • name of the department,
    • description of the place, where the photo was taken
    •   comment - why you have chosen this photo; what makes it unique to you  
  • Only one photo per employee will be accepted – photos may not be repeat submissions from previous years. 
  • The photo must be taken by the employee or a relative of the employee.
  • If people are featured in the photo, their consent for publication must be attached.
  • Do not send photos of pets, farm animals or zoo animals. 
  • Photographs of private monuments, other significant landmarks or exhibitions will not accepted. 

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