Pink Ribbon Day

Campaign focusing on breast cancer prevention - 7th year

Pink Ribbon Day, a campaign focusing on the prevention of breast cancer, is held on 15 October.  

This day is also the International Breasts Health Day. The aim of the campaign is to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups at the doctor (gynecological examinations and mammograms), and, above all, regular monthly breast self-examinations, which can be performed at home and can be done by any woman. For the best efficiency, the self-examination needs to be done correctly. 

Therefore, on Friday, October 15, 2021, members of ZO ONKO-DUHA Vsetín will be available to you together with students of the Secondary Nursing School in Vsetín, who will demonstrate the correct self-examination technique on a model. You will meet them in the morning in front of the Tourist Information Center Vsetín and in front of the pharmacy at the Health Center inVsetín.

Along with the explanation, you will receive a small gift and a campaign leaflet detailing instructions explaining how to do the self-exam correctly. You can also find leaflets in pharmacies and waiting rooms at gynecological clinics. In the streets of the town of Vsetín, Valašské Meziříčí and the adjacent villages, you will meet ZO OKNKO-DUHA Vsetín members, who will pass on campaign leaflets with small gifts to all interested parties.


3:30 – 4:30 pm - Meeting with doctors at the Vatra cinema

This will be followed by a meeting and discussion with doctors, which will take place on 15 October 2021 from 3:30 pm in the Vatra cinema in Vsetín. The main guests will be the surgeon of the Vsetín Hospital, MUDr. Petr Rohlík and the doctor of the mammography center in Vsetín MUDr. Pavla Opělová. Furthermore, the participants will be introduced to the activities of the organization ZO ONKO-DUHA Vsetín presented by its chairman Mgr. Marie Novosadová, as well as the activities of the Agel Diagnostic Center s.r.o. Jičín, which operates a mammography center in Vsetín.

Take the unique opportunity to supplement the necessary information on the issue from experts as well as patients who have suffered from this disease. You will learn what a mammogram examination entails, what the procedure in case of suspected tumor is, and what the latest methods of treatment are.

Do not wait for instructions on how to prevent cancer. However, what the discussion offers you is a lot of useful information that can help you dispel your fears about this disease. You can help not only yourself but also your relatives and acquaintances you care about.

5 pm – Vatra cinema: Diary of A Modern Father 

The meeting will be followed by a film called the Diary of A Modern Father. The movie starts at the Vatra cinema at 5 pm and admission for the participants of the meeting is free. If you just wish to come to the movie, you are also welcome. The entrance fee will be CZK 50 and the proceeds from the entrance fee will go to oncology patients, members of ZO ONKO-DUHA Vsetín. 


Do not neglect medical exams for fear of a positive result! Early detection is the key to effective tumor treatment!  

 "In the Czech Republic, almost 100,000 people get cancer every year. If the disease is discovered early and the patient begins treatment, it is a good way to recover and reduce the sad numbers from the statistics. The city of Vsetín welcomes the educational activities of the ZO ONKO-DUHA Vsetín association and supports it in its steps within the prevention of oncological diseases ", says the deputy mayor of Vsetín, Mrs. Simona Hlaváčová. "I appreciate the long-term activities of the association and also the cooperation of Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. on the Pink Ribbon Day project. If you walk through Vsetin on October 15, 2021 in the evening, you will see the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in pink. This act is a manifestation of the support of both the project itself and all those who are fighting an insidious disease ", says Simona Hlaváčová.


Entry to the Vatra cinema is allowed only with appropriate protection of a mouth and upon presentation of one of the certificates valid on the day of the event - either confirmation of negative result PCR test not older than 7 days or POC antigen test not older than 72 hours-self-test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus (An antigen test can be done in the cinema foyer under the supervision of the event organizers), or upon submission of confirmation of vaccination to COVID-19, since the last dose of the hospital took at least 14 days or confirmation of disease COVID-19 has been used in the last 180 days. Disinfection must be used and the 2meter spacing must be observed. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event in case of unfavorable conditions associated with the development of COVID-19 and in connection with current government regulations.  


Project is realized by:

Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s.


Vsetin Hospital, Agel Diagnostic Center, Masaryk Public Library in Vsetín, Culture House in Vsetín, Vsetín Town Hall, Secondary Nursing School in Vsetín

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