Reaching Peaks for Charity

We help with movement - our employees can raise up to CZK 50,000 for a charity.

Our employees have the opportunity to join a new sports challenge, which we have prepared in cooperation with the Vrchařská koruna Valašska (VKV) association. Overcoming peaks within the VKV is intended only for cyclists. However, Kayaku announces an internal call, which is intended for all employees who like to spend time in nature exercising. 

The goal is to conquer at least 5 selected VKV peaks in the period June - November 2021, in any non-motorized way (by bike, scooter, on foot, etc.) or on an e-bike. Take a picture at each of the peaks and send the photo to an e-mail csr@kse-cz.com. Each peak reached in this way will raise

                                         CZK 100 for a charity!

You can choose from 50 junior VKV peaks. Their overview together with the recommended cycling route is described directly on the VKV website - http://vkv-bike.cz/vrcholy/.

What is necessary to do:

  • take a picture at each of the peaks, 
  • send your photos to the email csr@kse-cz.com after reaching every 5 peaks.

Add to your e-mail:

  • your name and personal KSE number;
  • the place where each photo was taken;
  • the date the photo was taken;
  • the way how you reached the peak (on foot, bike, etc.);
  • your agreement or disagreement with the publication and storage of the photograph within KSE. 

Note: It must be clear from the photo that you are an employee of KSE (the condition is a recognizable face and place). If the sum of e-mail attachments is above 10 MB, you need to use one of the online services to send photos.

We have set aside CZK 50,000 for the call.

Once this amount is reached, the call ends and the money will be donated to a chosen charity project.

What´s more, a winner of each category will receive a bonus of CZK 1,500.

You can compete in 4 categories, which are:

  •  the most reached peaks by bike 
  •  the most reached peaks by e-bike 
  •  the most reached peaks on foot 
  •  the best / the most original photo * 

* The members of the sponsorship committee will select 20 photos after the call. The winner will be decided by a public vote, which will take place via the company's Facebook.

 And do not forget, by reaching 20 peaks you become a "VKV keeper“!


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