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To Work by Bike

Will you join the To Work by Bike in May challenge? The purpose of this nationwide event is to show that, by decreasing daily motor-vehicle commutes, our fitness levels can be improved and cleaner and fresher air can be attained as well. 

To Work by Bike – Will you join this challenge in May?

To Work by Bike is a competitive challenge for everyone. Create a team of 2 – 5 members and commute to work by bike as often as possible during May.  In addition, runners, walkers, skaters, skateboarders, longboard riders and those in wheelchairs can also join in teams or enter as individuals.

All participants get a bio-cotton T-shirt or a bandana with an original “To Work by Bike” slogan from the competition organizers. Great prizessuch as bicycles, scooters, trips or tickets for various sporting and cultural events are in store for the top participants. Moreover, there will be a draw for an assortment of interesting prizes at our company as well!


How to join the competition? 

First of all, enrol at www.dopracenakole.cz. Find our company under Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s., choose the location of your workplace, create a team of 2-5 members, and pay the entrance fee. It is also possible to join a team already created if there are fewer than 5 members. Individuals can compete as well. Our co-participant town is Valasske Mezirici.

Entrance fee

1. Option: 1 March – 1 April / CZK 290.00

2. Option: 2 April – 15 April / CZK 360.00

3. Option: 16 April – 30 April / CZK 420.00

How to track and record trips?

You can record your trips to and from work in two ways:

- By uploading the trip in the mobile app.

- By recording the trip in the To Work by Bikesystem (recording the trip on a calendar or a chart)

To participate in the “Frequency” category, record the number of kilometres as well. As far as performance competition categories are concerned, you must record your journeys using one of the partner apps or by recording the GPX file.

For more information see www.dopracenakole.cz or get in touch with our company’s competition organizer, Ms. Lenka Ondruchová, l.ondruchova@kse-cz.com.

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