KSE develops and produces pyrotechnic initiators for use in automotive occupant protection systems (airbags and seatbelts).
The rapid growth in automobile industry development has resulted in more accidents and an ensuing rise in severe injuries to the head, spine and chest. For this reason, automobile manufacturers have been implementing new safety systems of both active  and passive characters. Such features may be found in nearly all cars and the variety available is growing in step with the development of the automotive industry.   

Product Function

Upon impact, the automobile’s piezzo sensor, placed in the deformation zone, generates an electrical pulse, which is evaluated and regulated by the control unit. These electrical impulses trigger our product to activate causing the system to initiate the seatbelt and airbag generators. Seatbelt tensioners ensure that the seatbelts are tightened to secure passengers in the optimal position in the car seat.
When seatbelts are used together with airbags, the risk of injury during a collision is significantly reduced.