In German Mannheim on 26. – 28. November, the traditional AIRBAG 2018 conference, connected with the exhibition of producers of restraint safety systems for automobile industry, took place.

The original idea was to perceive our attendance as an opportunity to promote the company´s new name and the exposition should have been done in a way of global presentation of the whole Nippon Kayaku Safety Systems Group. Unfortunately, change of priorities due to several unpredictable accidents made the realization of preparatory works in necessary extent impossible and the management in Japan came to conclusion to not participate in the exhibition. Only few representatives of our company attended the conference as visitors.

And what was there to show?

In the Autoliv´s stand, various battery master switches, which are equipped with our glass squibs (GTMS), new generation of compact inflators and new applications for airbags were there to be seen.

 ZF introduced „external“ airbags as a means of protection of small cars´ passengers against the side impact, so called „far side impact“. The external airbag is an airbag on the side of the driver, which is activated in case of crash on the side of the passenger. The passenger’s airbag will function in a similar way, meaning in case of crash on the side of the driver. ZF and other producers of modules assume that this airbag type should be a part of standard equipment of all automobiles in Europe in near future. It is assumed that neither Japan, America, China nor another countries will stay behind.

Joyson Safety Systems (a successor of KSS and infamous Takata) presented wide portfolio of safety-belt retractors, airbags and actuators.

Taking the general trends into consideration, the fact that the whole automobile industry is very intensively focusing on autonomous driving of automobiles (driving without the driver) and on the position of passengers inside the car was obvious. All of them understand the fact that automobiles will need the drivers no more in the future and that the passengers will not always sit facing the direction of the car but for instance with their back facing the car´s direction or sitting on the side of the car. This philosophy multiplies the requirements for detection of current position of passengers and then for appropriate activation of the restraint safety systems in case of an accident.

In clear conclusion, in two years, when AIRBAG 2020 takes place, we will be there again with our own stand.