Young Firefighters´ Cup

Kayaku supports young firefighters

Associations of Volunteer Firefighters conduct various important services for residents. It is amazing that children’s interest in this field does not diminish; on the contrary children’s sections are regenerated or newly established in some areas. Currently, there are over a dozen young firefighter sections in the Vsetin region. 

In comparing and testing their skills against those of other firefighters from the region, various associations organize competitions. On the first Saturday in August, the “Semetínský střik” competition was held on the football pitch in Semetin. The morning was planned for pupils; the afternoon was slated for adult firefighters. 

Twenty teams of younger pupils and eighteen teams of older pupils attended the competition. These teams competed with each other in pairs relay races focusing on emergency fire situations. The team of younger pupils from Prostřední Bečva achieved the best results. Semetin, the host team, finished commendably in second place. The older pupils category was won by the team from Oznice.

We would like to compliment all participating teams and their leaders!