As a manufacturer of initiating components in the automotive industry,
we make a significant contribution to safety and protection
of the thing we hold most precious - human life.



We have been producing pyrotechnic initiators and gas generators used in automobile occupant protection modules, i.e. airbags and seatbelt pretensioners, for over 20 years. Our company builds upon the tradition of industrial pyrotechnic manufacturing in Vsetin and makes full use of technologies developed by our parent company, Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd..

The company was established in 1997 as INDET SAFETY SYSTEMS a.s. Production began in 1999 after the inclusion of the Japanese investor. Since that time we have been a part of the multinational Nippon Kayaku Group (NK Group). To unify the group identity it was decided to change the company name to Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. (KSE) as of 1 June 2018.

Over 20 years of continual growth, our production has increased by nearly 34-fold. The mainstay of our product portfolio is the Glass-to-metal sealed squib (GTMS), which accounts for roughly 50 percent of the company's total sales. Most of our products are intended for export and our end customers are mainly major global automakers. We have built three production plants, two in Vsetin and one in Jablunka. We employ more than 1000 team members. With an annual turnover of over CZK 3.5 billion, we have become a stable, successful company where safety and quality play major roles. Given the increasing demand for safety technology in cars, the use of pyrotechnics in safety systems is increasing. Current car models offer up to 12 pyrotechnic systems (including as many as 9 airbags). 

Our products not only find applications in the automotive industry, they are also employed in other sectors such as aviation, fire protection, industry, and leisure activities. 


We feel a shared responsibility for the safety of passengers in cars as well as for our employees and the environment in which we operate.

Significant progress


A specialized, multipurpose Technology Center was established in 2005 with the Government’s financial support. It is equipped to test energetic materials and to verify products’ adherence to most automotive specifications and engineering standards with a focus on passive safety systems such as initiators, gas generators, pyrotechnic actuators, and pyrotechnic compositions produced and developed within the Nippon Kayaku Group

 It employs over 40 specialists in the fields of explosives and pyrotechnics, plastic materials, electrical engineering, design, and mechanical engineering. These specialists cooperate closely with colleagues in the development verification testing room and, together, they assist the company with flexible and innovative approaches to enhance our products and processes. 

Although we are part of a multinational group, our main products have been developed in our R&D Department in Vsetín. 

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