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Code of Conduct

of Nippon Kayaku Group

In order to comply with the Charter of Conduct, the Code of Conduct was issued. All employees and members of statutory bodies act according to the Code of Conduct.

Nippon Kayaku Group Code of Conduct 

Code of Conduct on business operations
1. Product safety and quality
2. Provision of product information
3. Fair and impartial trade
4. Prohibition of excessive gifts and entertainments
5. Priority on ethics
6. Prohibition of pursuit of individual benefits
7. Compliance with local laws and regulations and respect for international norms, cultures and customs
8. Adequate protection and efficient utilization of corporate assets
9. Active efforts for operational improvement
10. Exclusion of anti-social forces, criminal and/or other illegitimate sources

Code of Conduct on the relationship with society
11. Social action programs
12. Exchange exchange with local societies
13. Adequate and timely disclosure of informations
14. Thorough crisis management
15. Prohibition of insider trading
16. Environmental Coexistence
17. Environmental protection efforts

Code of Conduct for the management of business information
18. Protection of business information
19. Protection of personal information
20. Appropriate use of information system
21. Respect for the rights of other people

Code of Conduct on the relationship between the company and individuals
22. Maintenance of the working environment
23. Prohibition of harassment and abuse of power
24. Respekt for humanrights and privacy

Subjects for the Code of Business Conduct
The subjects for the Action Standards shall be all of the executives and employees of Nippon Kayaku.

Action against Noncompliance
Executives and employees of Nippon Kayaku who breach the Action Standards may be punished according to the work regulations and related laws.

The Nippon Kayaku Group Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct articulate the foundations for exercising the KAYAKU spirit and set guidelines of conduct for all Nippon Kayaku Group employees.