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Looking back to 2023

Bonuses and events for employees


  • Annual bonus payment


  • To Work By Bike - payment of the entry fee to all 83 involved employees, 2 breakfasts with Kayaku on the bike path
  • New supplier of company catering - Baltaci
  • Mother's day - a flower and a voucher worth CZK 700


  • Father´s day - voucher worth CZK 700
  • Donate blood with Kayaku
  • T-Mobile Olympics run - a contribution of CZK 200 for the entry fee


  • Payment of the first part of the loyalty bonus - the bonus is paid semi-annually. The amount of the bonus is up to CZK 1,500 per month depending on the number of years worked at KSE.


  • Donate blood with Kayaku


  • Health package for all employees
  • Evaluation of the internal call - a total of 56 employees participated, 525 peaks were climbed by bike or on foot


  • Scating with St. Nicolas
  • Christmas presents for all employees 
  • Christmas party

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