8th International tournament in the traditional karate – KAYAKU Challenge cup Ostrava 2019

The 8th international tournament in traditional karate was held on 4 May 2019. In contrast to previous years, it was held in Ostrava due to capacity issues. The sports hall in Vsetin is not equipped to accommodate the number of competitors and spectators with adequate facilities for comfort and seating. Consequently, the event was to be moved to the winter stadium in Vsetin, however, it is currently undergoing reconstruction.

We should emphasize the fact that there has been a significant change in the tournament’s name. The SKP Vsetin management decided to make such a change owing to our long-term cooperation and support of both the karate team and the tournament itself. The name, Valachia Cup, has been replaced with a new name, the KAYAKU Challenge Cup.

We are pleased that the young competitors from Vsetin were once again successful. They managed to win 26 medals (7 golden, 7 silver and 12 bronze medals). 

Mr. Radek Kleibl, the coach, commented on the event, “The results were fantastic and I sincerely congratulate those who were able to reach the podium. They had to fight for it. However, I feel a little sorry for those who ended up in fourth place. Nine of them were from Vsetin. Taking the move of the competition to Ostrava into consideration, although the hall in Ostrava Dubina was excellent, the organization of such an event in Vsetin is easier for us, therefore, we hope that the winter stadium’s reconstruction will be completed for next year and that the tournament will be held there again.”   

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