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!!! On 2nd July 2018, a regrettable accident occured in the pyrotechnic section of Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. !!!



 An accident occurred in Jablůnka, L3, at building 204 used for the tableting process on 2 July 2018 at approximately 9 a.m. Gas generators for airbag inflators and Green propellants for Micro Gas Generators are produced in that building. 

During the accident a few employees were injured. One employee was taken to hospital and three other employees were subsequently examined by doctors. 

The explosion damaged the room, where the particular production process had been conducted, along with the roof. The building’s structure was not seriously damaged. Buildings for pyrotechnic production and processing are constructed in a way that causes energy released during an accident to be directed to a designated zone - a so-called “protection” wall. 

The area of the accident was properly secured in cooperation with the State Fire Service and the Police of the Czech Republic. Building 204 and its surroundings were subsequently under the constant supervision of the Police of the Czech Republic for 48 hours. No unauthorized persons were allowed to access to the area of the accident for 2 days, which was monitored as well as the surrounding area of the building. 

The accident is being investigated by the Police of the Czech Republic and Mining Authority in cooperation with the KSE’s safety officers. At the moment, the accident area is still being analyzed and the length of the investigation is not yet clear. Therefore, we are not able to determine the date of restarting production processes at Building 204. A stoppage in deliveries to customers is inevitable due to the termination of the production process. The business partners influenced by this situation have already been informed. 

Therefore, we call on all employees to abide the safety regulations, technological procedures, and to use appropriate personal protective equipment. Please focus on your job; our other businesses are running as usual. 

(Radim Spisar, senior manager) 

Announcement of 3 August 2018 

Firstly, I would like to set straight misleading information presented in the local and national media. 

Media sources in competition for sensationalist stories dramatically reported serious injuries and the subsequent transport of the injured by helicopter… With regard to this incident, we presently have no record of an employee incapable of work due to the accident and the helicopter is also a fabrication. 

Many speculations about causes of the accident exist but the investigation is ongoing both by the state authorities and the KSE Pyro committee and Nippon Kayaku specialists. Therefore, we must wait for the conclusions of the aforementioned investigations. 

Since Building 204 statics ware not seriously damaged, our ENG and PROD specialists together with the external firms were able to clean up and repair the majority of damaged building parts within 14 days. Additionally, the air-conditioning, networking, lighting, all sensing devices, fire-extinguishing system and other systems were repaired as well. Due to these positive results, inspectors from the Czech Mining Authority approved the restart of the production process on Friday, 26 July 2018. 

The issue of the production equipment is a slightly more complicated. The tool used for tablets with diameter of 3 mm was repaired and is back at the company. Nevertheless, the press machine itself was sent out to another firm for a damage analysis and now we are awaiting further information about its state and the time needed for its repair. 

Of course we informed our customers immediately after the accident. Three of them sent their “emergency” teams to analyze seriousness of the accident and its impacts on deliveries. Four weeks have passed since this accident and, for now, production processes are still on track without any form of interruption when it comes to our customers and automobile factories. This is due to the safety margins (reserves) existing in all companies within the supply chain, however these are decreasing steadily. 

It is obvious, that the company will be put under pressure due to requirements for increases in the remaining production GG, GP and MGG equipment capacity. In the best-case scenario, we suppose, that we will be able to reach a maximum of 80% of our original GG and GP capacity. 

The maximum effort will be needed. The management of our company would like to ask all employees for their cooperation and helpfulness. 

We will provide you with further information on an ongoing basis. 

(Radim Spisar, senior manager)

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