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To Work by Bike - results

This year, for the first time, our company participated in the To Work by Bike project (Do prace na kole). Even the state of emergency caused by the pandemic and the May restrictions did not discourage 20 of our employees from active participation in the project.

The call to participate in the 10th annual To Work by Bike event closed at the end of May. Although the call was marked by a state of emergency, it still attracted 16 thousand participants from all over the country. In total, they rode, ran and walked more kilometers than they did in the previous year.

According to the portal dopracenakole.cz, putting out the call in May, as is the tradition, was a real challenge. The organizers from the AutoMat association decided to ease the rules to allow participation using other types of non-motorized means of transport including walking and other physical activities in addition to cycling. It was the regular movement and the possibility to compare with colleagues even from a distance that raised the spirits of all involved during the pandemic crisis.

Our company participated in the call for the first time. We joined with the partner town of Valašské Meziříčí (the town of Vsetín has not been involved in the competition yet) and we invited our employees to fight for Kayaku. Right at the time of the first registrations, the Czech Government declared a state of emergency due to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. There was uncertainty whether it would even be possible to go to work. Eventually, the organizers of the event eased the rules so that anyone could participate, even if they could not go to work.

Despite the uncertain situation at the time of registration, 20 of our employees participated in the May call. Together, they covered the impressive distance of 6526 km.

The top driver registered for Kayaku was Martin Šalák with 937 kilometers. He undoubtedly helped his 3-person team, called Galusky na Kayaku, win the company competition. 

The Mlynari team was close behind and the Turboslapky team was in third place. The latter can be proud of the accumulating the most mileage per person on the team.

Overview of company team results:

1.   Galusky na Kayaku    1690 km
2.   Mlynari                       1645 km
3.   Turboslapky               1210 km
4.   Mzdovky                      783 km
5.   Arendaci                      683 km
6.   163                               424 km
7.   Bikerky GG                    90 km 

We are proud to have been able to be part of the 10th annual call thanks to our active employees. According to the main coordinator, "cycling, walking and running have proven to be the safest and most healthy means of transport, even during the biggest crisis", with which we completely agree.

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