New Year´s message of the president

The president of the company wished KSE employees a happy New Year.   

The president of our company wished all employees a happy new year. In his New Year's speech, he mentioned the necessity to adapt to new conditions and the changing business environment caused by the current covid epidemic. He further emphasized that Kayaku (KSE) remains a "strong and healthy company".

Dear KSE family, 

Šťastný nový rok!

I wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Hope you have had a nice and peaceful holiday in spite of limited activities due to the continued epidemic.

I would like to address a New Year message.

The year 2020 was really a special year represented by COVID-19. While its momentum still continues, it was a quite tough challenge year as the first experience in history for all of us in terms of both private and business. The demand for our products almost disappeared especially in the first half of the year. Hence, the company was forced to intermittently shut down from the beginning of spring till the end of summer.

I also have to say we, unfortunately, had a fire accident again at the GG process at the end of the year, but it was really good that there was no injury. We have to tighten up our safety mind once again and keep the discipline to the highest level. 

In any case, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your flexible cooperation and best contribution under such a difficult situation. You can rest assured that KSE stays strong and healthy even under such a harsh business environment. We can welcome the New Year and would like to continue to prosper all together.

It is said we live under “a new normal” due to the epidemic. As you may remember, I said it is important that we continue to change and adapt to the environment.

In addition to the transformation that happened in the automotive industry, the recent COVID-19 epidemic has changed our lives, no matter we wanted it or not.

We don’t have the best practice from the experience that we can refer to and we have to look for it on our own in an unprecedented situation. 

These indicate we should be creative and adapt to the “new normal” environment, and seriously quest the added values we can offer to the customers.

As I also said I think the value chain of KSE is Make (create the products, design), Make (produce the products) and Sale (sell the products), and contribute to society by providing the best products and/or services. Eventually, Safety followed by Quality remains the highest priority as the base of everything.

It is not an easy task but thanks to our abundant talents, I believe KSE can achieve the goal.

Let’s change ourselves, be creative, and do the best all together!

Prosperity of the employees brings further prosperity to the company and prosperity of the company should bring additional prosperity to the employees.

We, as the going concern, need to continue to serve all of our stakeholders such as customers, co-workers, shareholders, neighbors, community, society and etc. Keep always our corporate vision KAYAKU Spirit in mind.

Kind Regards

Shinji Ichikawa


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