Company information related to COVID-19

Announcement of the current situation in the company

Company information related to COVID-19 at KSE


Production processes continue to operate without restriction. The good news is that we are again able to keep orders at a level comparable to last year. However, due to the number of orders, it is not possible to continue drawing state support for the Antivirus program. 

The deteriorating epidemiological situation in our country is thus slowly beginning to affect operations at our company as well. To date, we have registered several positively tested employees, 30 of their colleagues are in quarantine. The established company measures are aimed at minimizing the spread of coronavirus as much as possible. However, it is primarily up to the discipline of the employees themselves to comply with these rules together with Government regulations and not to underestimate the risk of transfer. 


Please familiarize yourself with the following company measures:



  • Always wear a face covering when leaving your workplace 
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently 
  • Use rinse-free disinfectants Keep a social distance of 2 meters 
  • Avoid risky contact - Risky contact is considered to be contact with another person without a face covering at a distance of 1.5 meters for more than 15 minutes! 
  • Move (if possible) only within your location, at your workstation and within your department 
  • Limit the necessary amount of travel between locations 
  • Restrictions on meetings and appointments to a maximum of 10 people still apply (valid until further notice) 
  • Try to replace meetings with a "platoon" https://chat.kse-cz.com/home (You have received the instructions by e-mail from the IT department.) 


Masks need not be worn in the following cases:

  • An employee performs work in one place and is at least 2 m away from the nearest other employee, 
  • If wearing a face covering would have a direct effect on work safety, especially when handling explosives. 

In both cases, the decision to wear face coverings in the workplace is up to the manager. 


Duties of the employee

The employee must immediately inform his/her superior and HR Dept. of a positive COVID-19 test result so that his/her workstation can be disinfected. Steps to follow are then determined by the Hygiene Station on the basis of an interview with the infected person (investigation of others who may have been infected)! 

Also, if one of the employee's family members with whom the employee shares a common household has tested positively (infected), the employee is obliged to inform his/her superior and the HR Dept. immediately and to follow the Hygiene Station’s instructions! 


 Instructions for employees

a)        who find out that he/she has had contact with an infected person within the last 4 days

  • If an employee learns of this information directly at work, he/she is immediately sent home and must contact his/her general practitioner (GP). The doctor determines how the employee should proceed. 
  • The employee immediately informs his/her superior of the specified procedure. 
  • The workplace must be disinfected with ANTICOVID. 


b)        A quarantined employee 

  • If an employee announces that he/she has been quarantined, then, his/her workplace must be disinfected with ANTICOVID.
  • The employee must immediately inform the employer of the test result.

In the case of a negative result, the company takes no further measures.

In the case of a positive result, employees who have been in direct contact with the positively tested employee will be sent home immediately and must contact their GP to determine how to proceed. The employee informs his/her superior of the specified procedure immediately.      


We wish all of you good health!


CP dept.

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